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Finding a reliable contractor in Hobart

When it comes to asbestos removal, you should hire a trusted professional to perform the work. Asbestos Watch Hobart is a licensed contractor that is licensed and experienced to remove asbestos from your residential or commercial premises.

  • A-class service : Our team of experts are fully A-class licensed to provide you with the best possible services having experience of many years in this field.
  • Peace of mind : Have peace of mind by hiring our team as they exceed your expectations while providing their professional services.
  • Free estimates : You can get a free quote that will help you in making a well-informed decision along with saving your health at a value price. 

Risk of asbestos to your health

If you work or live in a building containing asbestos or planning to renovate such property, then you have a higher than normal risk of being exposed to asbestos containing materials. As per the report, Australia is being affected from a third-wave of cancer related to asbestos, as exposure to this asbestos material during renovation is dramatically increasing the rate of mesothelioma during the last few years.

When a building containing asbestos materials is demolished or renovated, the fibres of asbestos can spread into the air. All such dangers make it important to find professional service providers such as our Asbestos Removal Hobart Team for your asbestos removal job.

Reasons to hire a professional to remove asbestos

1. The ban on asbestos in Australia

Main reason to search for a professional to remove asbestos products, is the is the specialised techniques required to remove the product safely.

Asbestos use ban imposed by the Australian government in 2003 on the:

  • import,
  • supply,
  • installation,
  • storage,
  • and reuse of asbestos materials.

This asbestos product was initially considered as a natural compound with lots of insulation properties and for that reason it was used in various types of construction projects. Friable asbestos was used for various purposes for its quality of fibrous silicate for mixing in different products used for fencing, cement sheeting and roofing.

Another reason of using it in construction projects is its positive effect on construction cost but later on it was observed that it also reduces the market value of the property. In this way, its adverse effect on todays market price of property, has become another reason for its removal by professionals.

2. It can’t be easily identified with the naked eye

Sometimes it is not easy to ascertain the presence of asbestos in buildings. In order to identify its presence in your building you must have a well trained eye and many years’ experience.

3. You have to dispose of it at an EPA-approved facility

Safe and proper disposal of asbestos is another reason to find professional services for its removal. The asbestos materials removed from any building cannot be disposed as easily as other waste materials. Asbestos fibres can be devastating for the entire environment if not disposed off carefully.

As per Australian law, only licensed contractors like our Asbestos Removal Hobart Team that can remove and dispose of this asbestos material, as it is necessary to ensure the work has been completed properly without affecting the surrounding people and environment. This is one more reason for calling Asbestos Watch Hobart first.


Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing Hobart . Always be smart and be safe.

Who can help in the removal of asbestos? 

According to Australian law, only licensed and professionally trained contractors can remove and dispose of asbestos, removed from any building being renovated or sold in Hobart and nearby areas.

The followings are the reasons why you need to contact Asbestos Watch Hobart for any jobs related to asbestos:

  • Our team are licensed professionals who are trained to inspect, test and remove specifically asbestos material.
  • Only licensed contractors are authorised by the government of Australia to produce an inspection report.
  • The licensed contractor can dispose of the removed asbestos at an EPA approved facility.
  • In order to provide better services to our clients at competitive prices, Asbestos Watch Hobart also maintain a training regime updating our team in the latest techniques and tools for removal.

Asbestos Watch Hobart removes asbestos

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