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How to Find a Professional to Remove Asbestos Roofs in Hobart?

When you are planning to renovate the roof of your home or if you work in a building in which asbestos is used in its roofing, then you can be at great risk of being polluted by the ACMs or asbestos containing materials.

According to the reports published in Australia, the exposure to this fibrous material while renovating residential, as well as commercial properties, has dramatically increased the rate of asbestos related cancers since the last few years.

asbestos roof removal Hobart

The ACM can release fibres into the environment when a building is renovated or demolished. In such conditions, it becomes necessary to hire a professional asbestos roof removal Hobart service provider to avoid such dangers.

Reasons to find professionals to remove ACM roofs

One of the main reasons for finding a professional is that the supply, installation, reuse or storage of ACMs for construction purposes has only just been banned by the Australian government in 2003. If you use such materials, then you can be penalised under this law. But if your building was constructed in the 1980s or before it, then you can be exempted from any punishment as the materials used at that time were quite different from the materials used today.

  • ACMs are dangerous: Another reason to hire a professional is the dangerous nature of asbestos fibres. Initially, asbestos was considered as a compound that has great insulation capabilities. For that reason, people started using friable ACMs in their roofing, sheeting, fencing and other surfaces to stop energy transmission from the interior of their home.
  • Reducing property value: ACMs were also used in construction projects due to their low cost, which considerably affects the cost of the entire project. But today it is seen that the use of this fibrous material can reduce the market value of the entire property. So its adverse effect on the price of property has also compelled homeowners to search for professional roof removal contractors who can handle fibrous roofing also.
  • Our naked eyes can’t detect fibres: Another reason to search for a licensed asbestos roof removal Hobart service provider is the difficulty in detecting the presence of this harmful material in a building. The professionals have all the instrument and expertise to detect the fibres of this dangerous substance, which are many times thinner even from human hair.
  • Strict regulations: One more important reason for hiring a professional for the removal of an asbestos roof is the strict regulations surrounding the disposal of fibrous materials removed from any site. The disposal procedure of ACMs is much different from the disposal of other waste materials removed from a building.
  • Careless disposal can pollute the environment: The fibres of ACMs can pollute the entire environment if disposed of carelessly. Either you should be experienced enough to dispose of such dangerous waste materials perfectly, or you should hire a professional service for this purpose. In this way, you will not only save yourself but also the life of your family and neighbours.
  • You need a license to perform the job: There is more reason to find a licensed roof removal contractor to remove your contaminated ceiling. The law of Australia permits only the licensed contractors to remove the roof containing this hazardous material and dispose of it off appropriately so that it cannot affect any one’s life.
  • Safe process: Another reason to hire a professional while renovating a building is to replace the old fibrous material with another fibre-free material. Though you can also remove such roofs yourself with the help of DIY kits available in the market, people preferably hire professional services to ensure their safe removal and disposal along with avoiding the risks for their health.

Who is eligible for removal of roof containing ACMs?

The law of Australia says that in Hobart and adjoining areas, only professionally trained and licensed contractors can remove as well as dispose of the roofs containing ACMs while renovating any building, residential or commercial. Main aim of this law is to train the professionals about inspection of the building, identifying and testing the ACM, removal, and disposal of the dangerous materials before licensing them.

Before removing a fibrous roof, the licensed contractors are permitted by the Australian government to inspect the building for sampling and testing its parts so that this fibrous material can be removed by identifying its locations in the entire building. The government also allows the licensed contractors to clean and dispose of these dangerous fibres at the locations fixed by local administration bodies of Hobart especially for this purpose.

So, whenever you buy or renovate a home in Hobart you should take help of a licensed contractor to guide you as well as ultimately remove its roof containing fibrous hazards so that it cannot endanger your health. He will also educate you and your family members about the dangerous consequences of ACMs on their health and market value of the property.

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Finding a trusted contractor for the removal of asbestos roof

When you know the importance of asbestos roof removal Hobart then it is time to find out a reliable and licensed contractor for this purpose. It may not be easy to find a trusted removalist in the crowd of so many companies offering the services for the removal of this dangerous substance from your property in this region.

Asbestos Watch Hobart aims to connect you with A-class licensed contractors for quality asbestos roof removal Hobart works.

So if you want an experienced and licensed contractor for the removal of your asbestos roof in Hobart, then you should contact Asbestos Watch Hobart as we specialise in providing trained and licensed contractors for such projects.

asbestos roof removal hobart process

Another reason to trust us is that we endorse our contractors to our clients instead of providing the service directly. We work as a mediator between you and our professionally trained and licensed contractors. They will inspect your property and identify the locations of the ACM on the ceiling and other surfaces to remove it ultimately by providing high quality and friendly services.

As an endorsement company, our aim is to provide trusted contractors to our clients so that both of you can negotiate the financial matters and remove this fibrous element from your building by planning and managing the asbestos project competently.

Extra benefits for hiring contractors through Asbestos Watch Hobart:

  • Top class services: The contractors endorsed by us for the removal of your ACM roof are reliable and licensed to provide high-class services on the basis of their long experience in this industry.
  • Impartial reviews: Our online customers can find impartial reviews of our previous clients so that you can trust us more confidently for this purpose.
  • Peace of mind: After hiring the asbestos roof removal Hobart contactors endorsed by us, you can experience peace of mind, as they will perform beyond your expectations.
  • Free quotes: Our members will provide you three free quotes so that you can make a final decision after comparing them. They offer excellent services at great prices.

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