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Finding Professionals for Asbestos Removal in Hobart

If you work or live in a building containing asbestos or planning to renovate any such property, then you have a great risk of being infected by asbestos containing materials or ACMs. As per the reports, Australia is getting affected from third-wave of cancer related to asbestos, as exposure to this fibrous material during renovation is dramatically increasing the rate of mesothelioma during last few years.

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When a building containing fibrous materials is demolished or renovated, the fibres of asbestos can spread into the air. All such dangers make it important to find professional service providers for asbestos removal Hobart. The information provided in this article can help you in testing the presence of ACMs in your property and its removal.

Reasons to find professionals to remove ACMs

Main reason to search for professionals to remove fibrous products is the ban imposed by Australian government in 2003 on the:

  • import,
  • supply,
  • installation,
  • storage,
  • and reuse of fibrous materials.

You will be defying the law if your building has such material in it. But you will not be penalised under this law if your building was constructed in or before the 1980s as the type of ACMs used at that time were different than the ones used these days.

This fibrous product was initially considered as a natural compound with lots of insulation properties and for that reason it was used in various types of construction projects since it’s surfacing. Friable ACM was used for various purposes for its quality of fibrous silicate for mixing in different products used for fencing, cement sheeting and roofing.

Another reason of using it in construction projects is its positive effect on construction cost but later on it was observed that it also reduces the market value of the property. In this way, its adverse effect on market price of the property became another reason of its removal by professionals.

You should also search professionals to remove ACMs, as it is not easy to find out its presence in any kind of building. In order to identify its presence in your building you must have well trained eyes and experience of many years as your hair can be many times thicker than its fibres.

Safe and proper disposal of ACMs is another reason to find professional services for its removal. The fibrous materials removed from any building cannot be disposed as easily as other waste materials removed from it. ACM fibres can be devastating for the entire environment if not disposed off carefully.

So to dispose of this fibrous material either you should have enough experience in this regard or you should hire professionals for this purpose otherwise it can be very dangerous for the whole environment.

As per Australian law, only licensed contractors can remove and dispose of this hazardous material, as it is necessary to ensure the work has been completed properly without affecting the people present nearby the project. This is one more reason of finding asbestos removal Hobart professionals.

Replacing ACMs with healthy materials for health reasons is another reason to remove it with the help of professional service providers. Though ACM testing or removal kits are available in the market to do it yourself (DIY), still people prefer to hire professional contractors to avoid its health risks and to ensure its safe and proper removal and disposal.


Who can help in the removal of ACMs?  

According to the laws of Australia, only licensed and professionally trained contractors can remove and dispose of the ACMs removed from any building being renovated or sold out in Hobart and nearby areas. The reason behind this restriction is that:

  1. The licensed contractors are trained to inspect, test and removing this hazardous materials before issuing them licences.
  2. Only licensed contractors are authorised by the government of Australia to inspect the entire building, break its parts for sampling and testing and ultimately remove this fibrous material from wherever it is found in the building.
  3. The licensed contractors can dispose of the removed ACMs at the facilities provided by the local government at Hobart.
  4. In order to provide better services to their clients at reasonable price licensed contractors also train their team members to use latest techniques and tools for this purpose.

So, while renovating or buying a home you should contact a licensed contractor to take his guidance and help in asbestos removal Hobart, as it is not a wise step to endanger your health by handling such jobs without any experience. The contractor will provide you and your family members awareness about the dangers of this fibrous material along with removing it from your site.

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Finding a reliable contractor in Hobart

Now it is the time to find a trusted professional and licensed contractor to remove ACMs after knowing about its importance. It can be very difficult to find a trustworthy contractor for this purpose in the construction industry these days as many companies are offering such services.

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